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Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Is your letter to Santa written yet?  Macy's has declared tomorrow, December 10, 2010 "National Believe Day." When you bring your stamped letter to Santa to Macy's addressed to Santa at the North Pole and drop it in one of their special Santa letterboxes, Macy's will donate an extra $1 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Together, let's collect a million reasons to believe.

Dear Santa,

I haven’t sent you my list lately and I don’t write as often as I should.  I’ve tried to be good this year: less critical of others, more forgiving to myself; charitable in heart and deeds; honest, even to a fault; a good and loyal friend; a daughter to make my parents proud of, and someone I can face each day.  I hope you place my name on the “nice” list, and send me a few of these things for Christmas.

I want a happily-ever after homecoming for each of our soldiers over seas and if it’s not too much to ask for, I’d like peace between all countries, states, and nations.  I want our leaders to have the courage to make difficult decisions and to lead us by shining examples of fortitude, ethics, and strength.  I want all children to know love, and to never know hunger, cold, or fear.  I want our scientists to find a cure for AIDS, HIV and cancer.  Better yet, I want a world that doesn’t know them.  I want literacy for everyone and the end to banning books.  I want a healthy Earth, sustainable living, and clean drinking water for all.  I would also like space travel via The Jetsons.

Santa, we live in a world wracked by wars, disease, and famine.  Religious researchers tell us Armageddon is upon us, historians warn of 2012, and scientists predict an impending ice age.  Life these days is unpredictable at best.  I want joy, humility, and fearlessness for all.  I want humanity for humankind.  I want more green on the ground and blue in the sky.  I want all planes to fly.  I want more George Carlin on a Thursday night, and a White Christmas in July.  I want to know the mystery of the Sphinx.  I want to spend fifty years discovering the secret of life. 

I want more generosity of the spirit, understanding of the soul and acceptance of the things we cannot change.  I want more wolves in the woods, birds in the trees, and fish in the seas.  I want actors to stay in Hollywood, politicians in D.C., and parents at home with their kids for dinner.  I want higher expectations, high hopes, and high heels.  I want our educators to be paid more money and higher education made more affordable.  I want truth, honor, and loyalty to be the currency of the realm.  I want the Pledge of Allegiance read aloud in classrooms and liberty and justice for all. 

I hope I don’t seem greedy, asking for so much, at such a busy time for you, but they won’t cost you a thing. Your elves, busy in your workshop, can continue making toys and baking cookies, because the last thing I want, is for everyone to believe in you, and the magic you bring us each December, and to hold on to the Christmas spirit long into the New Year.






December 2010

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